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This form should be completed by the food business operator of the new food business establishment. All the information you give must be correct and accurate; it is an offence to give false information in this application.

Before you complete this form, please read our information on applying for approval for a food business establishment

It should take you 20 minutes to complete this form.

We only give approval for businesses that are in the Belfast City Council area. It is free to apply for approval for your food business establishment with us.

Some food business establishments need to be registered rather than approved. If you don’t know whether your business needs to be approved or registered please read the advice on our website or call us on 028 9027 0468.

To check that the address of the food business establishment is in Belfast, please enter its postcode and click on “Look up address”.

Enter the full postcode with a space, for example BT1 1GS or BT14 7GP.